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Hello everyone!  I am taking another walk down memory lane today.  I remembered this morning (before I even got out of bed) that I had this old newspaper article about my mom’s mother.  It took me  a while to find it but it was worth the search.  The newspaper was dated 1966 and I think the writing style is so sweet.  I apologize that I couldn’t get the print to be any bigger and where the paper was folded they are a few lines missing but hopefully you will be able to read it.  I also found this sale ad from a local supermarket in the paper.  I think you will find the prices interesting.


Not much going on here.  We cut wood on Saturday as it was fairly warm here.  It is a full days work when we get wood.  George cuts it, the girls and I wheelbarrow it to the truck and stack it.  We then bring it home, split it as we unload it , then stack it in the building.  As I said it is a full day but then that load is completely finished.  I like that.

Well, I better get busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


Maw and Paw


Hello everyone!  I wanted to share with you all this picture of my grandparents.  I only yesterday came into possession of this picture.  My cousin found it with some of her pictures and sent it to me.  I have no idea when it was taken but they look fairly young to me.

I was flooded with memories as soon as I look at the picture.  So many years have passed since I had seen a picture of them.  I thought maybe I would share a few of these memories.  My Maw was one of the nicest women anyone could meet.  She always had a smile for us grandkids-you know the kind that makes you think you are SO special.  She was an excellent cook and could make the BEST biscuits you would ever taste.   She became sick with cancer when I was about 8.  We lived fairly close to them so we would go visit often.  Every time we went I always wanted something to eat.  Once after she had gotten sick we were going to visit.  Mom fixed supper before we left because she said Maw wasn’t doing too well.  She told me “Now you have just eat so I know you are not hungry.  Don’t you ask Maw for something to eat.  If you do, I’m going to whip you. (Yes, I grew up during the time when kids did get spanked)  Maw ain’t able to cook nothing.”  Okay, so we go over to visit.  We are sitting on the front porch.  Maw is on the porch swing.  I am thinking I sure would like something to eat.  So in true child fashion I say, “Maw, I would ask for something to eat but Mom said if I did she would whip me!”  I can still see her getting up from the swing, giving my mom a look and saying, “Rosie, this child is hungry”.  She walked in the kitchen with me, gave me a biscuit, hugged my neck and back out on the porch we went.  Now, you know I wasn’t really hungry.  I just needed to know that everything was alright with my Maw.  And to me, that day,  it was.

Now a memory I have of Paw.  My paw died of black lung.  It is a hard death.  When he was in the hospital right before he died, there was a young man in the bed next to him.  I remember Paw telling him about Jesus and how he needed to turn his life over to Him.  I listened carefully.  A few days later, Paw went home to be with his Jesus.  From that moment, my life changed.  I will always believe that his death was the true beginning of my life.  Watching him die showed me eternity was real.  Where I spent it was up to me.  I decided I wanted Jesus to be my Savior, my Redeemer, my Rock.

I like to think I have a little of both of them in me.  I love to feed people.  I love to tell people about Jesus.  Thank you all for taking this little walk down memory lane with me.  I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas and God bless.

Jocelyn’s Blanket


This is one of the things I have been busy working on.   My friend, Retia’s daughter is expecting a baby girl very soon and I wanted to make her something special from me.  I finally got it finished.  So little Miss Jocelyn, you can come whenever you are ready.

We have had beautiful weather here today.  Our temperature is upper 50’s with lots of sunshine.  AMAZING!  I love it.  We had a little snow Tuesday night.  It was pouring down.  Looked like a blizzard but it didn’t last too long.  Just long enough for everything to get a good covering, making it all look beautiful.

The youth did their Christmas play Sunday morning at church.  They all did a great job.  I know we are a small church but our plays always seem to be so good.  Everyone seems to put forth a lot of effort to do it and I think it shows in their performance.  I do have some sad news though.  I don’t think I have shared this with you all but Pastor Tom is leaving us.  He said he really feels like the Lord wants him to step down and have someone younger step in as our pastor.  Now I’m not one to try to tell someone what the Lord is speaking to them about but we certainly will miss him and Mrs. Sally.  He says he will stay until the committee finds someone else but it just doesn’t feel the same knowing he will be leaving soon.  The committee has interviewed several people and one is scheduled to preach a trial message on the first Sunday in January.  I would appreciate your prayers for our church on this matter.

Well, I think that’s about it.  Enjoy your day and God bless.



Every year the girls and I try to do a gingerbread house.  I think this years one turned out pretty good.  We buy the kit and then decorate it however we want.


Another thing we try to do every year is enjoy this coffee.  It comes from Fresh Market and we LOVE it!  It is (of course) only around at Christmas so that makes it kinda special.  I think I will have to make us some after I finish this post.

Grace is finally feeling some better.  She had to go back to the doctor on Monday.  They gave her an inhaler to use here at home and that seems to be helping.  Julie is feeling better as well.  Yeah!

We had ice on Sunday so church was cancelled.  The youth were supposed to do their annual Christmas play.  We were kinda glad church was cancelled, that way the girls didn’t miss doing their parts in the play.  Hopefully, we will get to do it this Sunday-depends upon the weather.  Sometimes December is a rough month here.  Today is nice though with sunshine.  The temperature is mild-40 degrees with not much wind.

Well, I guess that’s about it.  That Christmas coffee is calling my name.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


Hello everyone!  Things have been kinda busy here.  This is one of the things that has been going on.


On Monday, Jessica dropped one of the big cans (from Sam’s) of green beans on her toe.  Her toe is broken and as you can tell very smashed.  I went down, spent the night and Tuesday helping her out.  She has definitely been in pain with it.

Then on Wednesday, we took Grace to the doctor.  She has bronchitis.  They gave her 3 different medicines so hopefully she will be well soon.  We have a few Christmas decorations up but not many.  We do not do a lot of decorating.  I hope to get the tree up next week but we’ll see.

Well, that’s about it.  Oh by the way, Jasper is completely healed.  He has decided though that he really enjoys being inside with us.  He is kinda an inside/outside dog now.  I hope you all have a great week and God bless.

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