Jocelyn’s Blanket


This is one of the things I have been busy working on.   My friend, Retia’s daughter is expecting a baby girl very soon and I wanted to make her something special from me.  I finally got it finished.  So little Miss Jocelyn, you can come whenever you are ready.

We have had beautiful weather here today.  Our temperature is upper 50’s with lots of sunshine.  AMAZING!  I love it.  We had a little snow Tuesday night.  It was pouring down.  Looked like a blizzard but it didn’t last too long.  Just long enough for everything to get a good covering, making it all look beautiful.

The youth did their Christmas play Sunday morning at church.  They all did a great job.  I know we are a small church but our plays always seem to be so good.  Everyone seems to put forth a lot of effort to do it and I think it shows in their performance.  I do have some sad news though.  I don’t think I have shared this with you all but Pastor Tom is leaving us.  He said he really feels like the Lord wants him to step down and have someone younger step in as our pastor.  Now I’m not one to try to tell someone what the Lord is speaking to them about but we certainly will miss him and Mrs. Sally.  He says he will stay until the committee finds someone else but it just doesn’t feel the same knowing he will be leaving soon.  The committee has interviewed several people and one is scheduled to preach a trial message on the first Sunday in January.  I would appreciate your prayers for our church on this matter.

Well, I think that’s about it.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

3 thoughts on “Jocelyn’s Blanket

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  1. Oh, wow, it turned out so pretty!

    I am so glad it warmed up today. My car REALLY needed washed, and the animal buckets needed scrubbing. 🙂

    I am sorry Tom and Sally are leaving. I know how much you like them. I hope you like the new pastor just as good.

    We are glad we got to get together last night. We are SO enjoying the hot chocolate. I have had the mint and dark chocolate.


  2. BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job Donna! I wish I could make something so beautiful. Jocelyn is a lucky little girl! Hopefully her mother will keep it for her and she can use it when she has her own child someday.!


  3. It’s always sad to see someone that is good go. But I am sure with tons of prayers thE church with find another.
    Your blanket turned out beautifully. Very pretty colours.
    How nice to have nice weather. We had so much freezing cold temps here. -30 days. But it has warmed up to -18 and we have had tons of snow, and more on the way before Christmas.
    Stay warm my dear friend.


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