Granny Mary


Hello everyone!  I am taking another walk down memory lane today.  I remembered this morning (before I even got out of bed) that I had this old newspaper article about my mom’s mother.  It took me  a while to find it but it was worth the search.  The newspaper was dated 1966 and I think the writing style is so sweet.  I apologize that I couldn’t get the print to be any bigger and where the paper was folded they are a few lines missing but hopefully you will be able to read it.  I also found this sale ad from a local supermarket in the paper.  I think you will find the prices interesting.


Not much going on here.  We cut wood on Saturday as it was fairly warm here.  It is a full days work when we get wood.  George cuts it, the girls and I wheelbarrow it to the truck and stack it.  We then bring it home, split it as we unload it , then stack it in the building.  As I said it is a full day but then that load is completely finished.  I like that.

Well, I better get busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


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  1. My husband grew up in a grass seed farming community where there was also corn grown. He remembers when corn on the cob sold much cheeper than it does now. It is interesting how the raise of minimum wadge raises the price of EVERYTHING. I remember getting paid $5.25 per hour working farming hours sun up to sun down while the seed was ready to be harvested. I also remember getting gass for 99 cents a gallon. smile I am 34 years old, so it wasn’t that long ago really when things were finantially different. It used to be quite the thing to purchase a house, now it seems everyone can get a house. Things change fast! Thank you for sharing this lovely picture and article with us. Sincerley, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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