This is a picture of my little resting place in the garden. It has become one of my favorite additions to the garden this year.

The garden is doing pretty good so far. We have been enjoying quite a bit of fresh veggies from it.

This is one of my favorites. We planted a few hills of beans in one of our raised beds. We took a chance planting these early because of danger of frost. But it worked out this year and we have BEANS! It’s not enough for canning just enough for eating.

I also dehydrated some zucchini this week. I seasoned it with salt, garlic powder and Italian seasoning. It was pretty good. Something different.

We had a foggy morning yesterday.

I thought the asparagus was beautiful with all the moisture from the fog.

We have some lilies that are blooming. So pretty!

Grace and I took a walk yesterday at Bisset park in Radford. It is such a pretty place.

The walkway reminds us of the trails on Jekyll Island.

As we walked along the trail, we could hear the river in the background.

It was a very nice walk.

Some of the colors reminded us of fall which is a favorite season around here.

Just a few rainbows. I walk downstairs almost every morning to this site. I think they are beautiful and they always brighten our day. Thanks Jess!

God bless.

Duck Lot Expansion

Yesterday, Grace, Dave and I worked on extending Grace’s duck lot. They have so much more room now.

Don’t they look happy?

We also built a new bird feeder. The one we had been using was coming apart.

We built this one out of scrap pieces we had laying around.

Jess and the kids came over and brought supper. Grace and the kids took a walk on the tractor road. They played a few games and then we built a campfire and made smores. We got a lot done and had a lot of fun.

God bless.

Berry No Bake Pie

3 Graham cracker crust

3-4 cups fresh fruit (strawberry, blueberry or combination)

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 block cream cheese

Large tub cool whip

All ingredients need to be room temperature. Mix together. Fold in blueberries. Put in pie crusts. Chill and enjoy or freeze for later.


Grace and I took the kiddos blueberry picking yesterday. The blueberries are just loaded on the bushes.

We pick at a farm about an hour from my house.

Road trip in Mawmaw’s car.

They always fall asleep. So cute!

It was hot already by the time we got there but still a lot of fun.

See how pretty the berries are. We plan on making some blueberry ice cream with some of them. Yum!

It can’t be all work and no play though. We stopped at this park on the way home for some fun time.

Then PIZZA time!

It was a good day! God bless.

Good Morning

Not a lot has been going on here this week. Grace has been sick with a viral infection so we haven’t done a lot. We did mow the yard on Thursday and did the weed eating. It was looking pretty rough.

We have been blessed to start getting some fresh veggies from the garden. YAY! I am hoping to make a jar of refrigerator pickles soon. Grace and I don’t care much for pickles but Jess and her family love them. Sam even bought me a package of cucumber seed. He told me if they grow, mawmaw, you can make pickles.

We experienced a couple of wet, foggy days here. One minute the sun was shining and all of sudden we could watch the fog start coming in. Our temperature dropped at least 10 degrees. Strange weather.

We did gather some of our rhubarb this week. We decided to freeze it. We had 5 freezer bags and I put one bag in the fridge to make a pie with for this weekend. We will be helping Dave on the deck again. Hopefully get it finished. He is wanting to start working on a tree house for the kids.

My view as I chopped up the rhubarb.

I guess I had better get started on my day. The upper garden is in need of weeding. God bless.

Garden Update

Our garden is doing pretty good so far this year.

Grapes are starting to form.

Our early patch of green beans are blooming. My mom always wanted to have fresh green beans out of her garden on the 4th of July. I think we will have some this year.

We have already ate one cabbage and I think this one will be ready for this week.

These are our fooled you jalapeno peppers. We have ate several of them already.

Banana peppers. For some reason, I can’t seem to raise bell peppers here but banana peppers do really well.

First zucchini. I love fresh zucchini and squash.

Look at this beautiful cucumber. Last year our cucumbers didn’t do very well. We are hoping for more success this year.

Look at these beautiful tomatoes. We bought 2 of these plants. They were already huge when we bought them and had bloom on them. We got them in hope of having some tomatoes early. Looks like it will pay off.

Blackberries blooming.

Blueberries waiting to get ripe.

Raspberries ripening.

One of my many resting places.

God bless.

Good Morning

Isn’t this a beautiful site? I am so blessed to live here.

I purchased a few cherries yesterday from our local supermarket. They are from an orchard not too far from our house.

So I came home and spent part of the day pitting them and canning them. I think they are so pretty in the jars.

It has been a beautiful week here in Floyd. Cool nighttime temperatures in the low 50’s. Daytime temperatures upper 70’s. Low humidity. I LOVE it.

God bless.

Picnic and Another Hike

We decided to do a picnic and a hike yesterday. I love spur of moment fun.

Grace, the kids and I went hiking while Jess, John Luke and Donna stayed back and started the charcoal. When Dave got there from work, he grilled the chicken. We also had macaroni salad, rolls, cookies and fresh lemonade. Great food.

Great memories. Jess took this picture of us before we started our hike. I realized in this picture just how tall all the kids are getting.

John Luke discovered how much fun a bubble gun is. He has trouble blowing bubbles but when all the kids were blowing theirs he got to participate by using his bubble gun. He loved it.

Our view on our hike. We saw deer, squirrels, chipmunks, bugs, flowers. All kinds of interesting things.

Grace took this picture of an indigo bunting. He was singing so pretty for us. I LOVE spending time with family.

God bless.


This is what our lower garden looked like yesterday. Amazing what a week of rain can do!

This is what it looks like now. Much improved. Vicki and her kids came over yesterday. She and I worked in the garden while her kids and Grace had some fun time together.

I must tell you something Katie said that helped us all get through yesterday. She told her mom “you can’t cry. You can’t mess up her first birthday in heaven”. Out of the mouth of babes.

God bless.

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