Garden Update

Our garden is doing pretty good so far this year.

Grapes are starting to form.

Our early patch of green beans are blooming. My mom always wanted to have fresh green beans out of her garden on the 4th of July. I think we will have some this year.

We have already ate one cabbage and I think this one will be ready for this week.

These are our fooled you jalapeno peppers. We have ate several of them already.

Banana peppers. For some reason, I can’t seem to raise bell peppers here but banana peppers do really well.

First zucchini. I love fresh zucchini and squash.

Look at this beautiful cucumber. Last year our cucumbers didn’t do very well. We are hoping for more success this year.

Look at these beautiful tomatoes. We bought 2 of these plants. They were already huge when we bought them and had bloom on them. We got them in hope of having some tomatoes early. Looks like it will pay off.

Blackberries blooming.

Blueberries waiting to get ripe.

Raspberries ripening.

One of my many resting places.

God bless.

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