Good Morning

Not a lot has been going on here this week. Grace has been sick with a viral infection so we haven’t done a lot. We did mow the yard on Thursday and did the weed eating. It was looking pretty rough.

We have been blessed to start getting some fresh veggies from the garden. YAY! I am hoping to make a jar of refrigerator pickles soon. Grace and I don’t care much for pickles but Jess and her family love them. Sam even bought me a package of cucumber seed. He told me if they grow, mawmaw, you can make pickles.

We experienced a couple of wet, foggy days here. One minute the sun was shining and all of sudden we could watch the fog start coming in. Our temperature dropped at least 10 degrees. Strange weather.

We did gather some of our rhubarb this week. We decided to freeze it. We had 5 freezer bags and I put one bag in the fridge to make a pie with for this weekend. We will be helping Dave on the deck again. Hopefully get it finished. He is wanting to start working on a tree house for the kids.

My view as I chopped up the rhubarb.

I guess I had better get started on my day. The upper garden is in need of weeding. God bless.

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