Play Date

Saturday I had a playdate with this handsome young man. We spent the day together while Mommy and Daddy took the other kids to the movies. We had so much fun. We spent some time at the playground at our church where he totally impressed me with his bravery by going down the big slide.(many times)Going up to the big slide all by himself!I love this picture of Dave and Jess.Also the hummingbirds are back. I love to sit and watch them.I have reclaimed my front porch.The greenhouses are officially moved to the deck and the plants will soon be put in the ground. Let the fun begin!!I have been letting them get used to outside a little at a time during the day. Tonight will be their first night out of the greenhouse.High wind destroyed the cover on the big greenhouse again. Thankfully no plants were in it. It definitely needs a better plan to be usable. Oh well, the smaller greenhouses worked great inside the porch. I’ll probably just use them again next year.We are getting some asparagus out of the garden and the rhubarb will soon ready for a first cut.I started this post with a picture of John Luke so I thought I would end with one. He was playing in his play area. Katie was coming toward him to play with him. Look at his hand. He is making the sign for friend.God is good!

Violet Jelly

Grace and I had a ton of fun yesterday picking violets with this crew.

Look how beautiful they are!

The end result. Beautiful violet jelly.

After the jelly was finished I spent some time watching these two play. The boys were busy at their fort playing while Jessica and Grace did some bird watching in the front yard. It was a good day!

God bless.

Pink Moon

Hello everyone! I took this picture the other night during the pink moon. It was so pretty.Dave and I had a project over the weekend. We built a play area for John Luke. First we went to a local farm store and got our supplies.

It turned out really nice. He loves it. He wants to play outside all the time.

The kids came over last week for a little while and we got to take a ride in the bumpy truck.

Wild mustard is blooming so pretty. I don’t suppose I will ever look at a field of wild mustard without missing my sweet Julie.

God is good though ALL the time!

Grace helped me get the cover back on the big greenhouse. Hopefully it will stay on this time. I need to start moving the little plants outside some so they can get hardened off. It will soon be time to plant them in the garden.

We have also been busy catching up on the mowing. Grace mowed a path to the pond. It is so wet in this section that I think a path is all we will be able to mow.

As you can see, it is very wet and the grass is very high which makes it so hard to mow.

I hope you all have a good week. God bless.

Good Morning

I hope you are all having a good week. We had some storms pass through over the weekend but no real damage here. I think some trees were down blocking roads in some places, minor flooding and some power outages but nothing severe.

I’ve been busy with my plants. They are doing good so far. I moved some of them up to solo cups. Hopefully they will do good in them. We have about another month before our last frost date. I think I will start hardening them off about the first of May.

Some cucumbers and squash I started from seed. They grow SO FAST.

A new squash I want to try this year. Isn’t it pretty? I probably will save the tomato to try next year. I think it would be too late to start the seed for this year.

My helpers!

I have a birthday coming up this week. We celebrated with the Horns on Sunday after church. Madison made me this cake and Grace drew the bird and the flower. I LOVE it! Dave also has a birthday this week. We will be celebrating both our birthdays at their house this weekend. It also happens to be Easter weekend so it will be a big celebration. I think we are going to work on fencing in a play area for John Luke as well.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have a great week and God bleas.

Happy Birthday

This sweet handsome boy is 4 years old today. Amazing! He, like all children, is such a blessing to us all. We love you, John Luke.

We celebrated his birthday yesterday. He had a great time. He loves fire trucks.

I have been busy with garden things. I started the cucumber and squash seeds yesterday. I plan on having these ready to plant by mid May. That is our last frost date. Then I will direct plant more so hopefully we will have them most of the summer.

One of my tomato plants I started from seed last month.

A new melon I am trying.

And a few peppers. I am really hoping these all do well and produce lots of food. I have definitely enjoyed working with them this past month.

My amaryllis is blooming beautifully. Such a cheerful sight!

A beautiful sunrise this morning. I consider myself blessed to live here. I go to sleep at night to the sweet music of spring peepers and awake to the sound of birds singing praises.

Thank you, Lord!

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