Play Date

Saturday I had a playdate with this handsome young man. We spent the day together while Mommy and Daddy took the other kids to the movies. We had so much fun. We spent some time at the playground at our church where he totally impressed me with his bravery by going down the big slide.(many times)Going up to the big slide all by himself!I love this picture of Dave and Jess.Also the hummingbirds are back. I love to sit and watch them.I have reclaimed my front porch.The greenhouses are officially moved to the deck and the plants will soon be put in the ground. Let the fun begin!!I have been letting them get used to outside a little at a time during the day. Tonight will be their first night out of the greenhouse.High wind destroyed the cover on the big greenhouse again. Thankfully no plants were in it. It definitely needs a better plan to be usable. Oh well, the smaller greenhouses worked great inside the porch. I’ll probably just use them again next year.We are getting some asparagus out of the garden and the rhubarb will soon ready for a first cut.I started this post with a picture of John Luke so I thought I would end with one. He was playing in his play area. Katie was coming toward him to play with him. Look at his hand. He is making the sign for friend.God is good!

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