Pink Moon

Hello everyone! I took this picture the other night during the pink moon. It was so pretty.Dave and I had a project over the weekend. We built a play area for John Luke. First we went to a local farm store and got our supplies.

It turned out really nice. He loves it. He wants to play outside all the time.

The kids came over last week for a little while and we got to take a ride in the bumpy truck.

Wild mustard is blooming so pretty. I don’t suppose I will ever look at a field of wild mustard without missing my sweet Julie.

God is good though ALL the time!

Grace helped me get the cover back on the big greenhouse. Hopefully it will stay on this time. I need to start moving the little plants outside some so they can get hardened off. It will soon be time to plant them in the garden.

We have also been busy catching up on the mowing. Grace mowed a path to the pond. It is so wet in this section that I think a path is all we will be able to mow.

As you can see, it is very wet and the grass is very high which makes it so hard to mow.

I hope you all have a good week. God bless.

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