Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying some spring weather.

When weather permits, I’ve been busy getting things ready in the garden.

Dave came and helped last weekend. We got a lot of things accomplish.

Some things are growing good in my little greenhouse. Other things not so good. I have had a hard time getting my tomato seeds to germinate. I think I will have enough seedlings for us but I’m not sure I will have enough to share. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Grace and I found an awesome treasure at our dumpster. I have mentioned before how people will set things out at the dumpster if they think someone can use them. Well we found this huge piece of fencing with 4 t posts. YAY! It was pretty funny though seeing us try to get load it in the car!

But you know, where there is a will-there is a way! Dave and I loaded these 2 cattle panels on top of their van. There will be used to extend John Luke’s play area. We always enjoy a challenge!

And just for pretty, God has been giving us some beautiful sunrises!

God bless!


This boy got to come (for the first time) to Mawmaw ‘s house by himself. Just him!! Grace and I try to have each kid over individually often so they can have some one on one time.

Because of John Luke ‘s challenges, he had never got to come just him. Praise God, he has overcome so many of these challenges in the past year!

So finally, the much awaited day has come!! The first thing he told me before we even got out of the car was “hungry” and rubbed his belly. So you know we had to have some cookies before we did anything else.

We walked all around the house looking at everything. We visited the garden, the rabbits and the duck. We had a great time!❤

Sweet blessings!

Garden Helper

I spent some time with this beautiful girl today!

She loves working in the garden!

And I love having her help!

Thankful and blessed!❤


I started these seeds the day before the power outage. They were without the heat mat for 4 days on my glassed in front porch and it was very cold. We had a huge ice storm that took the power out. I thought for sure they would just freeze in the tray but just look at how good they are doing!I started some herbs and peppers Monday and will be starting tomatoes next week. SO EXCITING!I am also working on a few changes in the garden. I will show pictures when I get it finished.Enjoy your day and God bless.

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