This boy got to come (for the first time) to Mawmaw ‘s house by himself. Just him!! Grace and I try to have each kid over individually often so they can have some one on one time.

Because of John Luke ‘s challenges, he had never got to come just him. Praise God, he has overcome so many of these challenges in the past year!

So finally, the much awaited day has come!! The first thing he told me before we even got out of the car was “hungry” and rubbed his belly. So you know we had to have some cookies before we did anything else.

We walked all around the house looking at everything. We visited the garden, the rabbits and the duck. We had a great time!❤

Sweet blessings!

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  1. It has been FAR TOO long since I figured out how to pop in here to see what you are up to. My goodness, so much fun work on the farm with your lovely family. From garden beds to beautiful wood work, to lovely yarn work, to new seeds…I’ve missed so much! Thank you for making the time to share, it was fun to see all the sunny smiles and the wonderful work going on in your area. Take care and thanks again for sharing all the goings on. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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