Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying some spring weather.

When weather permits, I’ve been busy getting things ready in the garden.

Dave came and helped last weekend. We got a lot of things accomplish.

Some things are growing good in my little greenhouse. Other things not so good. I have had a hard time getting my tomato seeds to germinate. I think I will have enough seedlings for us but I’m not sure I will have enough to share. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Grace and I found an awesome treasure at our dumpster. I have mentioned before how people will set things out at the dumpster if they think someone can use them. Well we found this huge piece of fencing with 4 t posts. YAY! It was pretty funny though seeing us try to get load it in the car!

But you know, where there is a will-there is a way! Dave and I loaded these 2 cattle panels on top of their van. There will be used to extend John Luke’s play area. We always enjoy a challenge!

And just for pretty, God has been giving us some beautiful sunrises!

God bless!

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