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Divide and Conquer


Yesterday we divided up to get more done.  This is not something we usually do.  We normally all work together on projects,  However, Hubby wanted to start boxing in the remainder of the back porch and we had lots of tomatoes to work up.  So Julie helped me with the tomatoes and Grace helped Hubby with the porch.


The girls worked with me today on more tomatoes and Hubby worked alone.  We had to run into little town first to get a few supplies that he needed .The walls are now up and there is a window where they are standing at.  He still has to put a door on and the siding but it is almost finished.  T.

I better get busy working on my Sunday School lesson.  I hope you all have a great evening and God bless.


Beautiful Morning


What a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning!  Sitting on my front porch, drinking a cup of coffee with my favorite man in the whole wide world, and looking at this special presentation from the Lord.  Beautiful!  We had a really good weekend.  We watched the movie “Fireproof” Saturday evening with some friends from church.  Then our Sunday School lesson was on marriage.  This was not planned to be that way-just our Lord at work.  I said we had an unplanned marriage retreat weekend.  We started the day with the beautiful sunrise and then on the way to church last evening the Lord gave a beautiful sunset to look at all the way to church.  (of course, I did not have the camera with me then)  How good is the Lord we serve?


Here is a picture of my first attempt to make english muffins.  They turned out pretty good-a little dense I thought but good.  I used a recipe I found on line to make the dough in my bread machine.  Next time I think I will try making them by hand to see if they are different.  I am trying really hard to make as much of our food at home as possible.  This really lowers the grocery bill and of course is healthier for us and usually tastes much better.  Well enjoy your day and God bless.

More Harvest


Today has been another busy but productive day.  We gathered 1/2 bushel of tomatoes from the garden and the dishpan full of peppers.   The tomatoes yielded 9 qts and I am attempting for the first time to dry the peppers in the dehydrator.  Hope it works.   Hubby has been busy today with woodwork.  I’ll post a picture when its finished.  After canning was done I went to help him and the girls took off upstairs for some play time.  They are such good helpers.  They help me with everything I do.  We try to impress upon them the value of work and the importance of play.  Teaching them how to garden and then harvest what we raise is important to me.  Canning is becoming a lost art and I want my girls to know how to do it.  Well night is approaching and I need to get busy doing my Sunday School lesson.  If I hurry I can get it done outside on the swing before dark sets in.  God bless.