More Harvest


Today has been another busy but productive day.  We gathered 1/2 bushel of tomatoes from the garden and the dishpan full of peppers.   The tomatoes yielded 9 qts and I am attempting for the first time to dry the peppers in the dehydrator.  Hope it works.   Hubby has been busy today with woodwork.  I’ll post a picture when its finished.  After canning was done I went to help him and the girls took off upstairs for some play time.  They are such good helpers.  They help me with everything I do.  We try to impress upon them the value of work and the importance of play.  Teaching them how to garden and then harvest what we raise is important to me.  Canning is becoming a lost art and I want my girls to know how to do it.  Well night is approaching and I need to get busy doing my Sunday School lesson.  If I hurry I can get it done outside on the swing before dark sets in.  God bless.

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