Beautiful Morning


What a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning!  Sitting on my front porch, drinking a cup of coffee with my favorite man in the whole wide world, and looking at this special presentation from the Lord.  Beautiful!  We had a really good weekend.  We watched the movie “Fireproof” Saturday evening with some friends from church.  Then our Sunday School lesson was on marriage.  This was not planned to be that way-just our Lord at work.  I said we had an unplanned marriage retreat weekend.  We started the day with the beautiful sunrise and then on the way to church last evening the Lord gave a beautiful sunset to look at all the way to church.  (of course, I did not have the camera with me then)  How good is the Lord we serve?


Here is a picture of my first attempt to make english muffins.  They turned out pretty good-a little dense I thought but good.  I used a recipe I found on line to make the dough in my bread machine.  Next time I think I will try making them by hand to see if they are different.  I am trying really hard to make as much of our food at home as possible.  This really lowers the grocery bill and of course is healthier for us and usually tastes much better.  Well enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. I wish Quentin would have been off Saturday night. It would have been so much fun. Maybe we will watch it again on our own. I have sat(slept) through 3 Super Man movies with him in the last little bit. I have never eaten an english muffin before but I’ve seen pictures and yours look great.


  2. A beautiful sunrise. God is a wonderful artist. The English muffins look great.

    Fireproof is a good movie. Isn’t it awesome how things like that happen. We are still going over our doctrinal statement in Sunday school. We were talking about faith and salvation. The sermon for the main service was about Faith.

    Have a great day.



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