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Daniel and Darth Vader


Daniel is SO into Star Wars right now.  He has a light saber and everything.  He earned his light saber.    He has just recently been promoted to a booster seat and was having trouble getting his seat belt to buckle.  His mom told him if he could buckle himself in 10 times on his own, they would buy him a light saber.  Motivation, you know.  Well, it took him a while but he has it down pat now.   He was super excited because when they went to purchase his light saber, they found a place on line where they could get 3 light sabers for the same price as one at Wal-Mart.  Daniel says he got himself one, Daddy one, and Sam one so they can all be Jedi.  Way to go, Daniel.

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Floyd.  The sun is shining and the temperature is already 40 degrees.  We have gotten a great start on our day.  The house chores are done and we even have a few minutes of relaxation before school starts.  I was wondering if any of you ladies make kefir and if you do, do you use the powdered starter or the grains?  I have made it a lot using the powdered starter but am wondering if the grains would be better.  Any opinions?

I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless.

The Bed


Hello ladies!  We have been busy this weekend.  The bed is finished.  We loaded it up in the van and took it down to Dave and Jessica’s.  The van was packed pretty full.


We got started putting it together as soon as we got there.  Daniel was a great helper.


I tried to show the trim Hubby put on it.  The pictures did not turn out as well as I had hoped.


The finished product.  Jess said I should have wanted until she had it made up but I didn’t think about that.  It looks really good with her comforter and everything on it.  We stayed overnight at Jessica’s.  It was late when we got it all put together and we were very tired.  David helped Hubby work on the van today.  They think they have the brake issue fixed.  On the way down yesterday, we started having trouble with the battery on the van so they worked on it today too.  Hopefully, all the vehicle issues are fixed for a while. 

We came home this evening  and hurried to fix a fire.  The inside temperature was 55 degrees.  Pretty cold.  It is warming up nicely though.   It was very nice down at Jessica’s.  When we left, they were all outside on the porch and the boys were playing in the yard.  Well, we have lots to get done.  I wanted to show you all the pictures of the bed before I got too busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

Our First Fire


Okay, so it finally got cold enough to build a fire.  The temperature inside the house was 61 and I decided we really did need a fire.  This stove may look small but it is a real workhorse.  It heats our old farmhouse, keeps us toasty warm.  We do use the gas logs some when it gets really cold but most of the heat comes from this little stove.  It even keeps the upstairs warm.  We are very blessed to have it.  A few years back,  Hubby and I traded some electrical work for this stove.  I think we made a good bargain. 

We had to make a run down to Jessica’s today.  She has been sick over the weekend with strep and thought the boys might be getting it too.  Praise the Lord, Daniel just has an ear infection, which is bad but not as bad as strep.  Sam seemed to be okay, just congested.   We had a good visit anyway and she made some awesome chicken noodle soup for lunch.

Well, I think I will relax and enjoy the coziness of our fire.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.

Going South


We are  “bustin loose”, going where the temperature is going to be in the lower 50’s.  We will be seeing grass, flowers peeking up from the ground.  I can hardly wait.  My biggest plan is to get me some Daniel sugar, even if I have to hold him down to get it.  Dave will be doing some repairs to my computer.  Thanks Dave.  Well, enough talking.  We are out of here.  Take care and God bless.



For those of you who do not have the comfort of a wood fire to enjoy, I thought I would share ours.  One of the girls(I’m not sure which one) took this picture.  I thought it looked so warm and cozy.  Today I cooked chicken and dumplings over that wood fire in my cast iron kettle.  YUM!   Very cold temperatures this morning made us really appreciate that wood fire.  The temperature was around 8 degrees with a below zero wind chill.  COLD!!!  Today it warmed up to the mid 20’s and the wind has laid down some but it is still very cold.  Oh well, I quess it’s that time of year.  Today was bible study day here at my home.  One of the ladies brought some wild rice soup to share with everyone.  Thanks, Barbara.  We have about 2 weeks left on our Peter study and then in January we plan to start Beth Moore’s Esther study.  We will be taking a 2 week Christmas  break.  Well I guess I better get some work done.  I am working on a quilt.  I will  try to post a picture when it is finished.  God Bless.