Our First Fire


Okay, so it finally got cold enough to build a fire.  The temperature inside the house was 61 and I decided we really did need a fire.  This stove may look small but it is a real workhorse.  It heats our old farmhouse, keeps us toasty warm.  We do use the gas logs some when it gets really cold but most of the heat comes from this little stove.  It even keeps the upstairs warm.  We are very blessed to have it.  A few years back,  Hubby and I traded some electrical work for this stove.  I think we made a good bargain. 

We had to make a run down to Jessica’s today.  She has been sick over the weekend with strep and thought the boys might be getting it too.  Praise the Lord, Daniel just has an ear infection, which is bad but not as bad as strep.  Sam seemed to be okay, just congested.   We had a good visit anyway and she made some awesome chicken noodle soup for lunch.

Well, I think I will relax and enjoy the coziness of our fire.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.

2 thoughts on “Our First Fire

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  1. I like the fire. We had rain and it has been cloudy, but not cool enough for a fire yet. We are looking forward to it.

    I hope your daughter and grandson get well soon. I know my son has something going around in their college and it knocks them down for a week or more.

    Have a great evening with your family.



  2. A lovely sight! We haven’t had our first fire yet ~ but enjoying a cozy fire is one of my favorite things!

    In one of your recent posts you talked about making applesauce pie. I mentioned this to my husband (who loves pie) and he was up one morning searching for recipes! I found one and tried it and he really enjoyed it! We had never heard of it before. So thank you for sharing ~ it was perfect for fall.

    Have a blessed day!


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