The Bed


Hello ladies!  We have been busy this weekend.  The bed is finished.  We loaded it up in the van and took it down to Dave and Jessica’s.  The van was packed pretty full.


We got started putting it together as soon as we got there.  Daniel was a great helper.


I tried to show the trim Hubby put on it.  The pictures did not turn out as well as I had hoped.


The finished product.  Jess said I should have wanted until she had it made up but I didn’t think about that.  It looks really good with her comforter and everything on it.  We stayed overnight at Jessica’s.  It was late when we got it all put together and we were very tired.  David helped Hubby work on the van today.  They think they have the brake issue fixed.  On the way down yesterday, we started having trouble with the battery on the van so they worked on it today too.  Hopefully, all the vehicle issues are fixed for a while. 

We came home this evening  and hurried to fix a fire.  The inside temperature was 55 degrees.  Pretty cold.  It is warming up nicely though.   It was very nice down at Jessica’s.  When we left, they were all outside on the porch and the boys were playing in the yard.  Well, we have lots to get done.  I wanted to show you all the pictures of the bed before I got too busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

7 thoughts on “The Bed

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  1. Great job, George! It looks great. I am glad your van is fixed-we are no good when it comes to car trouble. I am loving our Nov. & Dec. temps this year. I hope it lasts a while longer. 🙂


  2. Your husband did a great job. I am so glad that he got the brakes fixed.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.



  3. So happy you stopped by! Always exciting to have new people, hope you keep stopping over!
    Enjoyed checking out your blog, very nice. What a lovely keep sake the bed will be. The picture of your little granddaughter is so precious along with the boys. Grandchildren are such a blessing and so much
    Have a wonderful evening.


  4. Hi Donna..
    What a lovely bed.. Your daughter must be so happy that her Dad would do that for her.. It is huge..
    So glad your vechile problems are over for a bit..
    God bless..


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