New Kitten


Isn’t she beautiful?  The girls have named her Star.  Remember when I found the kittens in the wood pile.  She was one of the them.  They are both very cute.  The other one is a little more shy than this one.  Sorry I haven’t posted in several days.  We went down to Jessica’s last week and guess what?  We are finished with the bathroom.  It looks really great.  I think she is going to post pictures soon on her blog.  I know she is so glad to finally have it finished, however it is worth the wait.  Hubby has gotten 2 deer this week.  That’s right.  2.  What a blessing.  This helps out so much with the grocery bill.  When I was growing up in the hills of Southwest Virginia there were no deer in our county.  My dad had to go several hours away to hunt deer.   He usually spent a week of his vacation hunting  sometimes with success, sometimes not.  The first time George went deer hunting my dad took him.  That was 33 years ago.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday.  Anyway, thanks Babe.  We appreciate all you do for us.  I am canning deer now and it is time for a canner to come off, so I better get busy.  God Bless.

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  1. That kitten is so cute! I talked to you this morning and you didn’t tell me George got two deer! Good job, I get so excited over deer! I think I could actually go hunting. I shot a gun last week though and thought it tickled. I guess I would scare the deer away with my giggles. If Quentin gets another one, I really want to learn how to can deer meat.

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