I thought some of you all might enjoy pictures of what pure fun looks like on a child’s face.  This has been one of the best sled riding snows we have ever had.  Of course, Dad being home has helped make it the best.  Nothing like a big Dad push to really get your sled going at top speed.  No school today.  We took a snow day.  I thought we better enjoy it while we can.  The girls, of course, did not mind at all.  Not much else happening here, just another one of those family days.  I kinda borrowed this from an old Kelloggs commercial and adapted it to fit my lifestyle-Life is Good and the God I serve is GREAT!  I truly enjoy this life the Lord has given me, my family, my home.  I can think of no greater calling than to be a wife and mother.  I pray my home and my words  reflect how I feel.   I will soon have a picture of Julie’s completed wall hanging.  I can’t wait for you all to see it.  Next is Grace’s.  I already have all the material needed to get it set up and ready to start working on.  I love new projects.  They are always so exciting.  Well, it is rest time for me.  God Bless.

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  1. Oh my, how beautiful are all your snow pictures. I don’t ever get tired of them either. I used to live in Alaska and we had snow from October-May. I loved it. We have really had a lot of snow on our farm this year, which is a good thing, because it helps the soil for this coming year. It will be wonderful for the crops.

    Our son has a huge hill on his land. I won’t go down, because I would probably kill myself. Everyone has so much fun on it though!

    Well, thank you so much for coming over. I enjoy your blog!

    Blessings, Linda

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