The girls and I finished the apples yesterday.  You can check out our logs at the right to see our total.  I really like cooking the apples in the microwave.  So much easier.  It makes the applesauce thicker too.  When I cook them on the stove, I have to add a little water to keep them from sticking, so it makes the applesauce a little thinner.   Today we will be canning a bushel of green beans.   Also working on cleaning the house  as tomorrow is bible study day. 

Beautiful weather here in Floyd this week.  When we got up this morning about 6:00, the temperature was 59 degrees.  This makes it so much more comfortable for sleeping.  I would guess yesterdays high was in the low 80’s.  Very nice.  Days like we have been having remind me why I like living in Floyd and especially here on the farm.  God was very good to bring us to this place.  Thank you Lord.

The birds are singing such beautiful praises this morning.  I think I’ll join them in their worship.  Breakfast outside sounds wonderful.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. The applesauce looks great. We had some cool weather this weekend. We went camping and had some nice weather. We came home to a heat wave. It was 96º at 8:00 this evening.

    Have a great day.



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