Birthday Pictures


Daniel’s birthday cake.  He was very excited about his cake.  He loves “Cars” and especially “TowMater”.  (Hope I spelled that correct)


Daniel blowing out the big #3 candle.  My, but they sure grow up fast.




Friends playing at the party.  All in all I think he had a really fun day.

David, Jess and the boys are coming up tomorrow for a visit.  Our church will be  sponsoring  a clay shoot tomorrow.  David will be spending the day with Hubby at the shoot.  Julie and Grace are going to be with them.  Jess, myself and the boys will find something else to do-too much loud noise for little ears.  Sunday they plan on going to church with us.  This will be Sam’s first visit to our church.  MawMaw can’t wait to show him off.  After church we will be going to the Mennonite church for their annual hymm sing.  It is always such a blessing to go there.  Beautiful hymns!

Sunday night we will be starting our new bible study.  We will be doing John MacArthur’s study on II Corinthians.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.

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  1. Nice pictures. I like the cake. Saturday sounds like a fun day for those who like to shoot. I think the annual hymn sing sounds wonderful. What a blessing to sing hymns with a lot of other people.

    I can imagine that John MacArthur’s study will be good. I know his work is good. I also enjoyed it when he spoke in chapel my last year at college (it was his first year as president of The Master’s College).

    Have a great weekend with your family.



  2. Yes, the kids do grow up fast! Can’t believe my girls are as old as they are….much less the granddaughters! 🙂 Love the porch swing at Jessica’s. Reminds me of the old home place in VA…..miss going there! Hello to everyone for us! Love ya”ll


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