Our Mantle Nativity


This little Nativity set is the star attraction on our mantle during Christmas.  It is already sitting in its place of honor.  It has been to cold too go to the building to get out our other decorations but we did venture out to get the Nativity.  Hopefully, it will warm up some so we can get the other stuff down soon.  Very cold here last night.  Acutual temperature 7 degrees with a wind chill of about -5.  Our water is frozen.  So sad.  Hubby thought he had fixed every little crack that the wind could get into but I guess we were wrong.  Remember last year, our bathroom water was frozen for about 1 1/2 months.  We were hoping to avoid that this year.  Well, this morning all the water is frozen, nothing coming into the house anywhere.  Definitely not good.  Hubby is going to work on it this evening as soon as he gets in.  Pray it will not be too hard to get it running again.  Then I guess we will just have to keep a small trinkle running at night to keep it from freezing again.  I am so grateful I went up yesterday to the cellar and covered up our pototoes and our canned green beans with quilts.  Hopefully they are in good shape.  Last year they froze in the cellar.  I do not want a repeat of that.  The green beans are closest to the door so I guess there must be some wind that gets in at the door.  Oh well, this is all part of winter, I know.  I can’t say I like it though.

I do have good news.  A local bakery, The Bread Basket, has graciously agreed to display my aprons for sale.   I am so excited!!!!!  I took her 9 aprons this morning.  I pray they sell quickly and that perhaps I could bring her more.  This would be so much better than trying to sell them myself.   All in God’s hands. 

Well, I have things to get done-not laundry though.  Can’t do laundry without water.  Stay warm and God bless.

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  1. That is not fun when the water freezes. We had it do that when we lived in our trailer while we built the house. I hope that your husband can get it thawed.

    In our root cellar we have a heat lamp on a thermostat that comes on when the temperature gets to low. I think it stays around 40 or so right now.

    That is great about the aprons. I hope those sell quickly and they want more. I like your mantle nativity set. We haven’t got ours down yet, maybe tonight.

    Have a great day.



  2. I love your nativities. Nativities are my favorite Christmas decorations. We “believe” in Santa too. That he was a kind Christian who helped people, but we don’t have a lot of Santa decorations and he doesn’t deliver our gifts. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. He was God’s gift to us. That’s why we give gifts. It’s an easier way to explain Christmas to kids without ever having to tell them there is no such thing as Santa. 🙂


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