Working Hard


Hubby worked some more today on splitting wood.  He wanted to know why I took this picture of him splitting a toothpick, why didn’t I get him splitting a real piece of wood.  100_5007

Julie splitting her first piece of wood. 


Grace getting ready to split her first piece.  All girls need to know how to split wood.  After practicing splitting, we got busy and hauled all that Hubby had split into the wood building and stacked it up.  He almost has all the wood split that we have cut so we will soon have to cut more.  Oh the joys of heating with wood!  Seriously, it is a lot of work but it is definitely good heat and all it costs us is our work.  Not a bad trade in my opinion. 

We worked on school today, did some house cleaning.  The ladies will be coming tomorrow for bible study.  Supper tonight is baked spaghetti with lots of mozzarella cheese and home made garlic breadsticks.  We also have some cushaw pie left with whipped cream. 

Enjoy your evening and God bless.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Heating with wood is work, but it is so worth it. We have had our girls help with wood cutting and kindling. Not sure if they have attempted to split wood yet.

    Your supper sounds great. We are trying a new recipe tonight. We will see how it tastes.

    Have a great evening with your family.



  2. What a joy to have a nice wood supply! I just love the warmth that a woodstove gives. I showed Abbie the pictures of your girls ~ she hasn’t split wood yet, me either! 🙂

    Have a blessed evening!


  3. I grew up with a wood stove. My daddy always split the wood and me and my sisters hauled it to where ever it was suppose to go. It’s good your girls are learning these skills. I wish we had a wood heater in our home. We have talked about it and priced them many times…but no heater yet. We just use wall heaters that are propane.


  4. I’m not sure if David would agree with the whole cost of work thing 🙂 I totally agree with the girls needing to split wood…I was wondering how many loads me & Greg split between us at the house on Needmore Lane?


  5. I know mine would enjoy splitting wood if it meant a break from school work 🙂

    I enjoy the days(weeks) of not making a fire in the fireplace but also look forward to having a wood stove sometime.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If it doesn’t snow anymore we are going to meet Quentin to go to the rodeo at Salem Civic Center tonight but I DO NOT want to drive in the snow 🙂


  6. Do you use your split wood for both a wood stove and a fire place? I haven’t swung an ax in awhile. But, I bet I would have wanted to do it for a school break too.

    Supper sounds delicious! Home made Garlic bread now that is Yum!


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