Our Greenhouse


Yesterday the girls and I decided to try our hand at making a greenhouse.  We found these old metal things in the field behind the house.  They were used as a round bale holder but had been broken years ago. 


Then we planted our seed and put the metal “thingie” over it.


Then we covered them with plastic.  All of this is recycled material.  The only cost to us was the seeds.  We have never tried anything like this before.  I have attempted to start seeds indoors many different times but always with no success.  They grow too fast and then just die out so we just buy plants already started and use them.  I got this idea from my blogger friend at http://holcombhappenings.wordpress.com/.   Thanks, Cheryl.  We have about 30 days before danger of frost is over for us.  We are hoping our seeds will produce and we will be able to transplant them.  If this does well, I want to start our seeds earlier next year.    Anyway, it was a very nice day yesterday and we had a lot of fun making our greenhouse and planting our seeds. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

5 thoughts on “Our Greenhouse

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  1. It looks great. Isn’t it great to recycle? I hope that you have good success with it. We watered ours last night. I think this is the third time that we have watered. Just keep checking the soil inside to see if it needs water.

    Have a great day with your family.



  2. I think it’s great! I bet it’s nice and toasty in there. Can’t wait until everything starts sprouting-so exciting. Also can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!


  3. Exciting! I would love to be able to do this but we can’t do it in our yard due to restrictions! This makes me miss my farmhouse something awful! 😉 I hope those seeds do well! What did you plant?


  4. Hi Donna.. That all looks terrific…Such a blessing to have such dear helpers…
    I have been wanting to try my hand at an old window kind of greenhouse. My husband has been too busy to help me.. We had snow yesterday so it would come in handy here..
    Take care….


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