Spring Blooms


Our dogwood tree in bloom.  This one is located just outside the dining room window.


Our lilac bush.   I love just walking around the house and smelling the sweet smell.  They make the entire yard smell so good.


Coming around the house from the kitchen door, looking at the bushes.   The smaller bush is our gooseberry bush.


Care to rest, anyone?  This is a beautiful sitting spot.  We will be going to Jessica’s to celebrate Easter with them.  I pray you all have a wonderfully, blessed Easter filled with the presence of our Lord.

God bless.

3 thoughts on “Spring Blooms

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  1. I would love to sit a spell by your lovely tree :). Safe travels to Jessica’s. Tell her “hello” for us.

    Beck’s family was here for dinner today. John and I had a nap after they left. Now, I’m going to “try” and convince him a walk would be a good idea after a big dinner. Beautiful here today, although a little windy.

    Easter Blessings to you all!

    Love ya…Elaine (and John)


  2. What beautiful pictures. I can’t wait for ours to start blossoming. Have a great day with Jess and family as we celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection.



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