Rocky Knob Picnic Area


Some pictures of the area we went to Sunday for our picnic.  The rocks formations are very pretty. 


They have lots of picnic tables set up all around the picnic area.  We hope to go back soon when everything is not so wet.


Being wet, however, did not stop adventures.  Daniel had a wonderful time playing.  Today is wet still.  We had lots of rain pass through last night and it is still extremely overcast with fog.  A little chilly  this morning, mid 40’s.  I think the rain makes it feel much chillier.  We are working on school today.  We are almost finished with history and science.   YEAH!  Well, I better get busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

3 thoughts on “Rocky Knob Picnic Area

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  1. You sure have some beautiful areas around you. That looks like a wonderful place for a picnic.

    We are winding down also and can’t wait to be done with school for the year. Have a great day with your family.



  2. Rocky Knob is such a fun place. I bet Daniel had a blast! I hope we get to go together this summer 🙂 Great job on finishing up science and history!


  3. I adore your pictures, Donna. I really like the moss on the rocks. Rocky Knob is a place I am sure that my little family would love to explore.

    “yes” to almost finishing up history and science. What do you use and do you like it?


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