Naked Lady


I’m sure everyone is thinking what a strange name for a post but it really is the name of the flower.  For the last few years we have had these flowers come up in our yard.  They are a gift from God.  We love them.  I guess they are called Naked Ladies because they have no leaves.  They just grow up straight and have a beautiful flower on them.  We had 2 others but something broke them before they got to bloom.  (probably small 4 legged creatures-kitties). 

This morning’s temperature was 56 when we got up!  I think it definitely is starting to feel like fall.  I really enjoy all the seasons but I think fall is my favorite.  (Even if it does mean time to cut wood).  I hope you all have a great day and God bless.

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  1. Love your flowers, Donna.. I have not seen flowers before without leaves that I can remember anyway.. I love Spring and dread the Fall because Winter is right behind.. We have had such a cool summer, too.. Better than heat waves, though..
    Take care, friend..


  2. We have one of those in our yard! I never knew the name of it. I will have to tell the kids to look at the Naked Lady in our yard. LOL! They will get a kick out of that. Have a great weekend.



  3. I haven’t seen anything like that. They are pretty. I think fall is the best season as well. A fire in the wood stove in the mornings, cooler temperatures, the colors of the leaves.

    Have a great day.



  4. The naked lady in your yard looks pretty-ha! Fall is my favorite time of the year too! I can’t wait until Slaughters gets pumpkins and mums and gourds!


  5. Ha! I have never heard anyone call them that before. Too funny! I will ask my momma what kind they are. I know they are a type of lily. It seems like maybe a magic lily but I’ll ask her. Isn’t it funny how things are called different names in different places. i love Fall as well. We have to get some wood cut to. We do not burn wood in our house but my hubby has a wood stove in his welding shop and I have one in my carport. Those tempertures sound wonderful!
    Have a great week,
    Cary Ann


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