An Old Barn


This is an old barn that is at our pastor’s house.  I love old things, even old barns.  Yesterday we worked with the corn.  We got it all shucked.  We put some up in the freezer on the cob and some we are cutting off the cob. We will be finishing working it up today and then we will start on the peaches.

Our temperature this morning was 50 degrees.  Amazing!  All indications are that we will have an early fall.  Yesterday, we noticed the geese were forming groups.  Several groups flew over with about 40 geese in a group.  They were flying in the “V” formation.  So pretty!  This is another picture from our pastor’s house.  I hope I don’t bore you all too much with these but the girls took lots of pretty pictures at his house that I want to share with you all.


This is the view from his front porch.  Lovely!  Well, our little break is over so I guess I should get busy.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

7 thoughts on “An Old Barn

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  1. Love the photos. I love the old barn too. Your temps sound amazing. I would love to run through those open fields.
    I replied to your comment on my blog with the recipe for chicken and dressing. I hope it makes sense.



  2. I love pictures of old barns. I love the rolling hills in your area.

    We were at 53º when Harold left for work this morning. I do love the cooler mornings.

    Have a great day.



  3. Hi Donna.. The pics are lovely and I could not believe how much the scenes look like ones that I would take at our old farm up at Prosser Brook.. I am sure you have heard me mention that place before..
    The trees and hills are so much alike..
    I hope you get a bit of rest soon..


  4. Old barns are my favorite pictures! I am not sure why though? Just the image of hard work and simplicity standing in a lovely field, I suppose!

    You sure have been busy preparing and canning! How much do you think you have put away this season?


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