Picking Tomatoes


The girls picking tomatoes. 


You all hear me talk about sitting on the green swing.  Well, this is the view from it.  As you can tell, there is lots of shade there, which is one of the reasons I love it. 


This is a little bit closer view of the pond.  See all the geese.  Our pond has had lots of activity all summer. 


A picture of the house as you turn down the driveway.  To the left of the yard is the pond.  Well, the yogurt turned out great.  I think it is the best homemade yogurt I have ever made.  I definitely will be making more.  Also, the plum juice was very good.  We enjoyed a cold glass of it this morning with our breakfast.  I went to help Hubby today and the girls spent the day with the Horn’s.  They had a great time.   Temperatures here are still nice-upper 70’s today with a good wind.  I hope you all enjoy your evening and God bless.

6 thoughts on “Picking Tomatoes

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  1. Oh Donna..You have one of the pretties places ever! I would love to have a place like that! I see you still have lots of green tomatoes. I found a recipe awhile back where you can slice the green ones and can them and then when you get ready to use them you drain them off real well and fry as usual. I canned several jars just to experiment with it. I bet the juice was delicious! Does your daughter live near the coast area (in regards to the hurricane situation)? Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Cary Ann


  2. I love your way of doing the tomatoes. I have some in frames, but we might do it your way next year. What great helpers you had. I bet they enjoyed their time with the Horns.

    I am glad that you liked the yogurt. I am going to have to try it. I will try the juice tomorrow. Did you add anything to it, sugar, water? Or was it just right?

    Have a great evening.



  3. Picking is the best part of gardening! I love your pond pictures. Especially the second one with the marigolds in the corner 🙂 Madison, McKenzie, and Bubby had so much fun today too, and they finished a whole day of lessons also!


  4. The whole area looks so peaceful. It makes me miss my little ole white farm house. It was built in the 1920s. I miss all the little noises it use to make. We sold it last summer.
    The girls look comfortable picking tomatoes. I am wishing for your weather. We are picking apples today in the upper 90s. 😦
    Could you slip back over and share a few of those scriptures with me that you have marked?
    Blessings to you!


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