A Dirt Road


I love dirt roads.  Yes, for those of you who live or have lived on a dirt road, you are probably thinking that I’m a little bit crazy.  Well, yes, I am that but I do think dirt roads have a yesterday feel to them.  Forget about the fact that your vehicle is always dirty, either with dust or with mud.  They just have a slower type atmosphere about them, which I love.

Yesterday, we went to play with the boys while Jess went to the doctor.  She and Katie are both doing well.  Time is ticking down for them, just a few more weeks to go.  Well, I’m going to tell you all, those boys sure know how to pull on MawMaw’s heart strings.   I made the comment that it was getting time to go and Sam immediately wants MawMaw, following me everywhere, wanting me to hold him.  Daniel doesn’t want us to leave either.  We finally get out the door and I am almost to the car when Daniel opens the back door and says “MawMaw, I wish you could just stay forever and ever.”  I tell you, I sure love those boys.   They will be coming up this weekend.  Saturday, our pastor is having a men’s shoot at his house.  David and Hubby will be going to that.  


I will leave you all with a sunrise picture Grace took the other morning.  She was standing on our front porch when she took it.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


5 thoughts on “A Dirt Road

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  1. That is a beautiful picture of the sunrise! I like dirt roads too (my hubby on the other hand WILL NOT drive on them..lol). I hope one of these days I’ll have some wee ones to call me mamaw 🙂 I know they are such blessings to you.

    By the way, I freeze my greens. I cook them and then pop them in the freezer …juice and all (usually in gallon size bags).
    Have a great Thursday,
    Cary Ann


  2. I am so glad that you get to spend time with your grandkids. I can only imagine how special being a mawmaw must be. I am happy that you get to enjoy it. I love the picture of the dirt road. I feel the same way about them. Hope you have a great rest of the week.



  3. What a beautiful picture Grace took. She does a really good job on taking pictures. How sweet to have Daniel say that. I am so glad they are close that you can see them often.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family. The dirt road pictures sounds really great.



  4. This is my second comment. I hope you don’t end up with two, but the first one didn’t take. 🙂 Your pictures are so pretty. Grace, you are a great photographer. 🙂 Daniel and Sam are so sweet.


  5. Grace’s picture is beautiful.

    I also like dirt roads for the very same “yesterday” feel.

    Oh my! How did you ever leave those little sweet grands? My grandfather always got his heart tugged on too. I was older when I found out that the reason why he gave us a token was so we would anticipate something with out all the sappy goodbyes! He gave us a few coins for our bank just before they would leave. My Grandma always adored all the tugs on her heart. It made her feel a mile high! Giggle.


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