A Wood Cutting Day


Saturday, before Grace’s party, we went up on the hill to cut wood.  Grace decided (just for fun) she wanted to chop this log with the ax.  She chopped for a pretty long time.  This is how much she chopped.


Pretty good, considering it was splitting maul and not an ax.  Then Hubby had difficulties with his chain saw and we had to load up and come back home for him to work on it.


Now you can’t see him but in the left corner at the tail gate is Shadow.  This is what he is waiting on.


He is too old and too heavy to jump up into the truck bed.  Hubby has to lift him up now but we would never dream of leaving him behind.  If the girls are riding in the truck bed, he thinks he has to be there too.   He checks out the area where we are cutting and then comes back and stays where we are.  If the girls go for a walk, he goes with them.  He has always taken his job very seriously.


Everyone loaded and ready to go.  Hubby did get his chain saw working again.  He went back up and finished getting the load of wood while the girls and I stayed down and got everything ready for the party.  It was a really fun day. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

7 thoughts on “A Wood Cutting Day

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  1. We have a Golden Retriever too and she also needs help getting up into the truck…she is 9 years old! She loves riding in the back of the truck and in our little yard trailer…just like a kid! 🙂



  2. We work together as a family as well when cutting wood. We will be doing it closer to home this winter as we have to cut the poplar trees down in the back yard.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.



  3. That’s pretty good, Grace! Maybe she could just work on it a little each time you go. 🙂 Shadow is such a good dog. He definitely deserves royal treatment! 🙂 We all had a fun evening at your house. I could talk to you forever about drying racks and such!


  4. The picture of the girls in back of the truck made me smile 🙂 It reminded me so much of me and my sister. We had to load mountains of wood every year. I hated it then…and miss it so much now. Strange how that happens when you get older 🙂 I hope Grace had a great party.
    Cary Ann


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