Miss Katie


We took this picture of Katie Sunday when they came for a visit.  She really is growing and seems to be a very content little lady.  You all remember how I said it was cold here Monday.  Well, Tuesday morning it was 10 degrees with the wind chill below zero.  Our water froze in the bathroom and the new laundry room.  A little disappointing as Hubby thought he had it fixed so it would not freeze.  I tell you all, when the wind blows hard like that it can find the tiniest little hole to get in and freeze pipes.  Anyway, he thawed out the water and insulated more around the pipes, so hopefuly it is fixed now.  Wednesday morning was cold too.  Temperature was 10 degrees again but not near as much wind so it didn’t feel as cold.  Our hard working wood stove is very much appreciated.  Today however has been very nice-low 40’s.   Thank you, Lord. 

Well, I guess that’s about all the excitement we have had going on here.  I hope you all have a great evening and God bless.



5 thoughts on “Miss Katie

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  1. What a cutie she is. She looks good in that pink.

    I hope that you can get it fixed so that the pipes will not freeze. That isn’t fun to deal with. You sure have been cold. When the wind blows here, the stoves have to work harder to heat the house.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.



  2. What a sweetie!
    We have been having wind around here too, but with rain and mild temps…we would love to have some snow this winter! 🙂



  3. She is a doll! Just beautiful! I bet her brothers keep her entertained, huh?? That was some COLD weather you had! Glad your pipes didn’t burst! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
    Cary Ann


  4. Hi Donna.. Katie is adorable!!
    We have been having some cold temps here, too..
    -15 degrees C. tonight.. I don’t know what that is in your temps.. smile..
    Anyway, have a blessed weekend..


  5. Katie is SO cute! I hope those pipes don’t freeze up again. Quentin says he can’t remember if he gave himself off on Wednesday or Thursday. I will let you know.


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