Here’s the chair Hubby has been working on. 


I’m not too sure about the color though.  It was paint left over from Jessica’s bed so we thought we would use it on this prototype.  What color do you ladies think I should paint them.  I wanted to paint them red but I know it would look terrible in my dining room.   We have a large brick chimney in the room and our floors are mahogany. 


Here’s a picture of the brick chimney.


The floor.


The table I want to use the chairs with (until I talk him into building a new one).  Please let me know your ideas as I am not very good at decorating but I really would like to brighten it up some.


 View Screen shot 2011-12-28 at 10.46.07 AM.png in slide show


  Here is a picture of the color I think I would like.  I have always liked the idea of red chairs.  I’m not sure where this picture came from, maybe   Well, while I’m at all this table and chair stuff, I might as well show you all the table I think I would like.  Notice all the ‘I think’. 

Table (3)

I got this picture from  I think it would look good in my dining room, don’t you all.  Well, it’s almost time to get ready for church.  Tonight’s menu is baked spaghetti, slaw, green beans, homemade rolls and dessert.  Dessert is unknown as Mrs. Sally said “I’ll bring some kind of dessert”.  I love surprises!  Enjoy your evening and God bless.


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  1. I say if red is what your heart desires… go for it! I would pick up a variety of red sample tags and try them against the floor and bricks until you find one you like with both. You could always paint one and set it in the room for a few days. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

    Enjoy your evening!


  2. Love the chairs. My next project for dh will be a very tall bookcase. I wonder if they get tired of all the projects we dream up. lol. Have a blessed day.


  3. What a nice chair!
    We have been painting a lot of our furniture white to brighten up our living room and kitchen, as we don’t get much sun during the fall and winter months. I also like that with white, I can change the colors around when I want because white goes with everything! 🙂



  4. sigh..I just wrote a 200 word comment and hit submit and it disappeared..So now I’ll shorten my comment to 100 🙂 I LOVE your new chair ! I’m gonna be an oddball…and say I think simi-gloss black would be beautiful 🙂 But I LOVE You’re probably cringing at the But here’s why: I think black is a very comforting color and it goes beautfully with any color wood and brick and goes with any accent color you can imagine. So say..if you found some beautful fabric (red like you liked) you could make some chair cushions for it and a table cloth or if you wanted to go yellow for Easter it would still match black. Every color looks great with it. Anyways..slightly changing the subject.I like to buy used chair cushions (dosen’t matter if they match) and then make “slip covers” for them. One set of chair cushions can last forever that way and always look different depending on your mood or the season. So there’s my “two cents” smile. But at the end of the day every ones style is different. I’m a country bumpkin style. Whatever color you choose I am SURE it will turn out beautiful !
    Cary ann


  5. Your husband’s work is awesome! Whatever color you choose, I am sure they will be lovely!

    You have been so productive in making your aprons ~ it’s inspiring! I saw an apron to make using two kitchen towels, I really am wanting to try that. Keep up your good work!



  6. Hi Donna.. So sorry I missed a couple of your postings somehow.. Your aprons are gorgeous.. I love wearing my aprons..
    Your chairs are great… So nice that hubby is so talented… I love the table, too.. smile..
    You know me .. I paint everything black..
    I always think that you need to go with your heart. You are the one who lives with it..
    God bless…


  7. I would definitely go with a cornflower blue! I am loving that color lately – in fact my coffee table will be that color by the end of winter – well unless we keep getting these gorgeous days in which I feel the need to be outside weeding my flower beds. Hope your day is great!


  8. I like black and brown for furniture but I am so very boring. I do have accent colors though they are the colors I decorate for each Season. Christmas Red, of course, is striking with these colors and so very cheerful! And for spring, I just add white cushions and bring in the spring flowers! So fun and it allow me not to get board with my items. If you like red I say “go for it” what lovely cheer!

    Your hubby does such wonderful work! Look at all the loving care!


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