Julie and Grace’s Sewing Projects


The girls finished their Sunday night sewing projects.  I have mentioned before that Mrs. Sally, the pastor’s wife is teaching the girls to sew.  The above picture is the dress Julie finished.


This is Grace’s shirt.


Look at the cute little label they made for Grace’s shirt.  I think they both did great jobs.   I wonder what their next project will be.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

7 thoughts on “Julie and Grace’s Sewing Projects

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  1. Wow, tell Grace and Julie they did a great job!

    Did you think that documentary went a little or a lot FAST? We only watched 15 minutes today. I think we will finish it though. I wonder if the dvds are slower.


  2. Wow! Your girls did a great job on their sewing projects. You guys can open your own store between your aprons and their creations. 🙂 You may need to open up on etsy. Hope you have a great day.



  3. Hi Donna.. The girls did a wonderful work on their projects.. Love the little tag.. Such a lovely blessing to be taught to sew when you are young..It will come in handy their whole life..
    God bless…


  4. They did a great job! I’m behind on reading blogs here. We’ve had the “ole yuck” passing around all the kids..they are much better now…so am playing catch-up on here. Hope you all have a great day 🙂
    Cary ann


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