Birds and Spring Cleaning


The other day when we went to work with Hubby, Grace got these pictures.


I think she did a really good job.  Today was spring cleaning day at church.  Every spring we set aside one Saturday to come and clean the church.  Heavy duty cleaning.  We had a great time and the church looks and smells really nice.  We were hanging up the freshly washed curtains when I noticed how nice they smelled.  I commented on it and was told they had been washed in the homemade lavender laundry soap that I made.  How about that!

Here are a few random pictures taken today.


This picture is looking directly across the road from our church.  See how green the trees are getting.


Grace cleaning the windows.


Steve cleaning the ramp.


Not sure what Ross is doing.


And they think we women talk a lot.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

4 thoughts on “Birds and Spring Cleaning

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  1. Grace did a wonderful job on the pictures of the birds. What fun to work together and do some spring cleaning at the church.

    Have a wonderful afternoon and evening with your family.



  2. Grace took some great pictures! I enjoy watching the birds.

    I liked the picture of the guys talking. I am the quiet one and my husband certainly out talks me!

    Enjoy your week!


  3. Great pictures. It sure feels good to get spring cleaning done. I’m sure your homemade laundry soap smells wonderful. Have a great day.



  4. Guess what? I can read your blog!!

    Grace did a great job on the pictures. We could really use some spring cleaning around here!

    And Happy Birthday!!


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