Hello ladies!  I thought I would make a post and give everyone an update on how things are going.  We have been busy, isn’t everyone these days?  I have been helping Hubby yesterday and today.  The sheetrock is being delivered today and he will start hanging tomorrow.  The insulators came last week.  They sprayed this insulation in that looks and acts very similar to Great Stuff.  It was pretty amazing.  Anyway, I think he is going to get someone else to help him hang the ceilings.  (Someone maybe a little stronger and taller than me).  I don’t mind.  We have plenty to do here.

Tomorrow morning, we will start picking blackberries.  I think there will be plenty for canning, juicing and making jelly.  Speaking of making jelly, I still am having no luck getting my jelly to set up.  I just don’t understand what could be going on.  The other day, the girls and I made 15 pints of peach jelly.  None of it set up.  Very disappointing and very expensive.  I went to our local health food store and purchased the pomona pectin that my blogger friend Cheryl uses and redid it.  It finally set up some but it is a soft set definitely not as firm as jelly usually is.  So I used the magical powers of google to see if I could find out what was going on.  Now I am not a novice at making jelly and jams.  I’ve been doing it for years. Anyway one person said they had to switch kettles that they were using and then theirs did just fine.  Do you all think it could be the kettle I am using?  I tried to remember how long I have been using the kettle and it could coincide with the jelly problem.  My old kettle finally gave out and I did switch to a different one.  The kettle I am using now is a teflon kettle.  The next time I do jelly I am going to try a stainless steel kettle and see if that makes a difference.  What type of kettle do you all use?

The girls and I picked a mess of green beans for supper this evening.  We also dug our first hill of potatoes.  We will be having pork tenderloin, green beans, potatoes, onions and peppers and cucumbers for supper.  Everything fresh from our garden (except the pork tenderloin).   I can hardly wait.  I could just feast on the veggies but Hubby always wants meat.

Our pullets are starting to lay pretty good.  Yesterday we got 6 pullet eggs.  Our old layers though have slacked off for some reason.  Probably the heat.  We have been hot for the last several days.  Low 90’s.  We did get a storm yesterday evening and it brought a pretty good rain with it.  Lots of thunder and lightning too.

Well, I guess I better get busy starting supper.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


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  1. Hi Donna.. You are a busy lady and such an interesting post..
    I have had times when my jelly has not set up and I found that if I reboil it and really let it boil away for awhile and then add one package of certo that it works..
    Especially, when making wild flower jelly… It is sometimes difficult to set but if you boil it a lot longer than it says it usually works..
    I use all different pots and do not see much difference..
    Have a blessed week…


  2. Hey! I hope you get a lot of blackberries. I always use a stainless steel pot for making jelly. I hope that is your problem so you know what is wrong. We picked green beans today too and got 7 quarts. We also had some with our supper. We couldn’t wait to dig potatoes and dug some last week. 🙂 Your supper sounds so very good! I am glad you are getting plenty of eggs. I steamed my hand up today and covered my burn with a fresh egg. It takes all the pain away. Just thought you might want to know. 🙂 I can’t wait to get together on Friday!

    That is a very cool bird. Was it visiting your pond?


  3. Hanging the ceiling is hard work. By the time I can let go I feel like my arms are going to fall off!

    I use a stainless steel pot for jelly. I had a hard time getting my strawberry jam to set this year.

    Have a great evening!


  4. Oh I hope it is just the kettle and the next batch works better for you. I know how disappointing it can be. It will another couple of weeks I think before the blueberries will be ready here in our neck of the woods. We do not have black berries but I sure wish we did. Our raspberries are finally ready and I hope to some jam made over the few days.
    Have a great day and good luck with your jelly.


  5. Sounds like your garden is doing well. I hope you can find a solution to your jelly problem. I’ve never made any so I can’t help. LOL. Your supper sounds delicious. Did you ever get your car fixed? Hope you have a great day.



  6. Oh, Blackberries. I am slightly envious. And, your “garden” and pork loin supper sounds fabulous!

    I am still trying to catch up on posting/commenting. Blogger and Internet has given me a fit lately!


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