New Package


Hello everyone!  I thought I would show you all my new idea for selling the homemade laundry soap.  This is what the package looked like before


I think I like the new ones better.  I am hoping they will catch customers attention more.  We’ll see.

Well, that’s my day.  It took a little longer to sew these little packets than I first expected, plus we had to make up the laundry soap.  All our soap had sold at the Bread Basket.  Tomorrow is a big day for shoppers here in Floyd-the annual craft festival.  We wanted to make sure we had plenty of aprons and laundry soap on hand for selling.

I hope you all have a great day and God bless.

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5 thoughts on “New Package

  1. I like the little sewn baggies better, just looks more … I don’t know, homey I suppose. *smile* The paper bag idea looks nice though, home spun type. The cloth bags can have another use after the soap is gone though. *smile* I wish you all the best in your sales all the same. *smile* Have a lovely time meeting and greeting costomers. *smile*

    Just a little added note from this momma of little ones, thank you for making the time to keep up on my goings on. It means a lot to me that you make the time to both read and comment on my online journal. I appriciate the encouragement. So, thank you. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  2. Donna, Those bags are wonderful. I was wondering the other day how all of your laundry soap and aprons were selling. I hope that you are able to sell a lot today. Have a wonderful day.


  3. I love both ideas… the fabric bag & the brown paper bag for packaging your laundry soap. After a major health issue forced me to stop working, I have been prayerfully considering selling homemade laundry soap at our local farmer’s market to make ends meet. Would you mind sharing how you price yours? Thank you for any advice you can share.

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