Birthday Cake


Yesterday was David’s mom’s birthday.  Jess is learning how to make and decorate cakes.  She did this one for David’s mom.  We think she did a very good job.  It looked and tasted delicious.  I did manage to get this picture of Katie while we were there.


Hard to believe but next month she’ll be a year old.  Time marches on.  We are chilly here this morning-30 degrees with wind.  I built a fire as soon as we got up.  It was 59 degrees in the house.  I now have a big kettle of homemade soup on the woodstove simmering for supper tonight.  The girls and I are going to do school and then heading outside to work.  We need to dig potatoes, clean off the garden and clean out the chicken houses.  I’m not sure all that will get done today  but we hope to at least get some of it done.  The sun is shining beautifully so I think it will be a good day to be outside.

Time for school.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. Jess did a great job. What a lovely cake. It is hard to believe Miss Katie is going to be 1 next month. She is a little cutie.

    We have had fires going for the last week. I sure love the heat from a wood stove. Have a wonderful day with your family.



  2. Jess did a super job on the cake! At first I thought that was Katie’s cake. Then I thought nah, she can’t be a year old already. But next month really?! The boys are hunting and we girls are cleaning bathrooms and washing quilts. We are going to work outside today also. Our neighbor gave us two fallen trees for firewood. We are going to cut the barbwire and use the mower and wagon to bring the wood over. When we are done we are going to go ahead and run fencing the rest of the way between her property and ours. She is moving November 1st. 😦 We are also going to clean out the carport building so we can start to make a stall/pen for Madison’s goat she is getting in December(it is her one and only Christmas present. I am looking forward to Christmas even more, as if that was possible, now that we are not bothering so much with Christmas presents). I hope we get to go get our Christmas tree together too! Her bottle baby will weigh about 2 lbs. It will be smaller than our cats! I will definitely need to get the milk for it at your place. We need to buy it bottles and diapers so it can come inside some. I feel like we are getting ready for a baby, lol! Did I mention I have been wanting to call you but not wanting to interrupt school?!


  3. She did a great job on the cake. It is very pretty. 🙂 There is NO WAY Katie will be a year old. Time sure does fly. She is a doll. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments you have left on my blog. I’m sorry I haven’t had time to respond but know that I keep up with you guys and I think of all of you often.



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