Can you believe we are getting snow?  Amazing!!  I can’t remember ever getting snow in October in Floyd.  Maybe years ago, but not since we have lived here.  Anyway, we are getting it now.  It is COLD here-well, maybe not real cold but cold compared to last week.  It has been a drastic change in temperature.  We are right now in the upper 20’s with wind gusts of 40 mph which makes it seem much colder.  Needless to say, we are so thankful for a dry wood supply.  Definitely makes all that hard work on Saturday seem worthwhile.

Last night we had an intruder in the meat chickens coop.  It was an opossum or as we call them-possum.  We leave off the o part.   Jasper and Hubby took care of it though.  He is definitely becoming a valuable part of our family.  Shadow is getting too old for critter chasing.  Well, that’s about it for now.  We will be starting school in just a little bit.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless.

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  1. What fun. I love to see snow falling. We are supposed to be in the upper 60s this week. We have fog right now.

    What great dogs to chase them off. We had a skunk kill several meat birds one year. Not fun when critters get into your pen.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the snow falling and the warmth of the fire.



  2. It sure is pretty! I hear that there might be a flake or two mid week in Central Indiana. That Sandy is one heck of a storm to reach as far west as Central Indiana! Stay warm and cozy!


  3. Your snow picture is so pretty. The snow is actually making us a muddy mess. 😦 It is still snowing but most of it melts leaving us with mud. I guess the ground is still too warm.

    Quentin’s stock room lady told him today that if it snowed in October deep enough to see a cat’s paw print in, then the day of the month is how many snows we will get this winter. You can definitely see paw prints all over our front porch so we should get 29 snows. (I thought you might enjoy that little tale!)

    We will be finished for the day when McKenzie and Bub finish English. I am ready for a break next week. I want to go camping and go to Dollywood and butcher chickens at your house and I am sure I will think of more things. 🙂 I decided at the beginning of the school year that we were going to put the “home” back into homeschooling and I am about burnt out!

    I am going to make Quentin shop for a lung remover with me when he gets home. Are they all the same/same size? I know they had one that you connect a hose to to make the cleaning even easier. It was around $75 though. Quentin probably won’t go for that.

    I hope you have a cozy day of school!


  4. Hello Donna.. Sorry I have been a bit busy lately.. It is early for snow especially in your part of the world, eh? We are expecting a bit of that perfect storm as they are calling it but just rain, I hope..
    Take care of your chicks, now.. smile.xo


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