Katie’s Birthday Party


We celebrated Miss Katie’s first birthday this weekend.  Her actual birthday was Friday but we partied on Saturday.  Jess made these beautiful cupcakes for Katie.  They were delicious.


We traveled to Pikeville Hospital Sunday to see George’s Dad.  He is still in intensive care but seemed to be improving.   I talked to George’s sister today, however, and she said his mind is coming and going now.  I am so thankful that when we were there he knew us and even talked some to us.

Yesterday, my baby girl Grace, turned 13 years old.  My, my, how time does fly by.  We didn’t celebrate yet as she had a sore throat and wanted to wait.  We will be doing it on Friday.  Friday will be a big day for us.  We are butchering our spring roosters.  The Horn’s are coming over and bringing their roosters.  It will be a fun day.  Our pastor and his wife are coming to help.  They are the experts, we are novices.  I plan on making a huge pot of 15 bean soup.  Vicki is bringing drinks and making cupcakes which will serve as Grace’s birthday cake.  Doesn’t every girl celebrate her 13th birthday with a chicken butchering day.  Well, she’ll always remember it.

That’s about it for now.  We are finished with school for the day.  I cooked a beef roast on the wood stove for supper.  I added some potatoes, turnips, onions, broccoli and carrots to the pot just a fewinutes ago.  YUM!.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

6 thoughts on “Katie’s Birthday Party

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  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Katie and Grace. They sure do grow up quickly. Such big, beautiful, blue eyes that Katie has.

    I will continue to pray for George’s family. I hope that you all have a wonderful time on Friday celebrating Grace’s birthday and learning something new.



  2. Happy Birthday to each of them.. Katie is sure to be a heart breaker with such lovely eyes.. smile… Grace has an important birthday as she will be a teenager now..
    Hope you all have a great day and please say hi to Vicki for me..


  3. Happy birthday to Katie. She is such a beautiful baby girl! Happy birthday to your beautiful baby girl too! I hope Grace is feeling much better. She will certainly remember her 13th birthday chicken butchering party! 🙂 Your roast sounds delicious. We had turnips for the first time last week. I have a few left so I will try them with a deer roast.

    I will feed my roosters Thursday morning and won’t give them anything after that. We can’t wait to see you guys on Friday!


  4. Happy Birthday to Grace and Katie. I can’t believe the baby is 1. She is a doll. Grace will definitely remember her bday celebration. LOL. I’m sure she will have fun with the Horn’s. I have never butchered chickens. Your stew sounds yummy.



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