Last Thursday


I thought I would show you all what it looked like here last Thursday.

Can you believe it?  Snow!


We ended up with about 3 inches!  Amazing!  It was very beautiful but I am ready for sunshine instead of snow.  By Friday evening, most of it was gone except in some really shady areas.  Saturday we went down to the Farmers Market in Greensboro.   An old friend of ours, Retia, went with us. She had never been to Jess and Dave’s since they bought their home.  We stopped there first.  After coffee and a delicious pound cake Jess had made for us, we were off to the market.  Jess found some beautiful ferns for her front porch and some herbs to plant.  We had a great day with warm temperatures and sunshine.  It was a perfect day for looking around at all the flowers and plants.

We started a new bible study Sunday night at church.  It is called “Experiencing God”.  It is a really good study.  Hubby and I have done it before.  Some in our class have taken it and others have not.  I am looking forward to all the Lord has planned to show us with this study.  Every time I do it, I get something new and different from it.

This week has been absolutely beautiful here in Floyd.  Temperatures in the low 70’s.  I LOVE it!!  Hubby tillered some of the lower garden yesterday.  Today, he is working on building a raised bed.  We have wanted to do raised beds for years.  It just seems to be one of those things we talk about but never get around to doing.  That is changing today.  He already has it built and is working now on filling it with dirt.  We will see how we like using this one and then decide if we want more.

The girls and I are almost finished with school for the day.  All we lack is math.  Then we are going outside to help.  We need to get the upper garden ready for plowing.  It will soon be time to get things in the ground.  I hope to get some cabbage plants, onion sets, spinach seeds and lettuce seeds the next time we go into town.

I hope you all have a great day and God bless.

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  1. Sounds like some fun times at your house! (except for the snow 🙂 ) We haven’t started working on the garden yet. I did buy a tray of plants at Slaughters the other day though. We just got our house listed today. It should be online in a couple of days. Call me when you get a chance.


  2. It was good to hear of your snow, and to see the lovely pictures. It looks like a sugar snow, late snow that helps those who collect sap from maple trees to make sugar. smile We are enjoying rain rather than snow, it’s very welcome around our area. I have noticed the river rising, which is also a good thing. smile Have a great day and thanks again for sharing your fun pictures with us. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  3. The snow pictures are pretty although I am sure you are ready for spring too.

    I did “Experiencing God” years ago. Great study. I should go through it again too.


  4. Wow! Snow! Our weather has been crazy too but it seems like we might be settling into more of a warming trend. 80’s all week and then 50’s on Friday with rain and a cold front coming in. I have 3 raised beds. I really like then but since the Molly has arrived it’s hard to find time to garden. I need to put out a few things and flowers also. I hope your family is doing well. I haven’t had much time to blog. Busy time around here with Markham graduating. I hope you are enjoying your bible study!



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