Wow, it sure has been a while since I made a post.  Time sure does go by quickly.  I thought I would share a few fall pictures with you all.  Our leaves are mostly gone but we have a few still holding on.


Last week was spent mostly cutting, splitting and stacking wood.  Hard work but fun.  We take a picnic snack and hot chocolate in a thermos.  I think it is enjoyable just being out in the woods with my family.  This year getting the wood is much easier that last year.  You all my remember last year we had to wheelbarrow the wood around the side of the hill to load it in the truck.


This year it is on level ground.  Much easier.  The wood house is 3/4 full.  We think maybe 2 more truck loads and we will be done!!!  “Old Red” aka “the bumpy truck” has really worked hard the last little bit.  Nothing makes me feel more ready for winter than a pantry full of good home canned food and a wood house full of wood.


Hubby and I very seldom have our picture made together.  Do any of you all watch Duck Dynasty?   The girls said we were like Phil and Mrs. Kay in this picture.  We love that show.  Well, our lunch break is over.  Time to finish up school.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

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  1. Yes, that is a great picture! Your pictures are so pretty. You guys have a great place to gather firewood. I love being in the woods. 🙂

    P.S. If you think about it tomorrow, will you bring the typing disc? When Quentin reset our computer it deleted it.


  2. Beautiful pictures as usual Donna. Are these on your property where you cut your wood? Looks like you have a lot of maple trees. If so, do you tap for syrup? Your so right there is just something so comforting having all the pantry full and the wood all in. It’s like ok, winter can now come.
    We are just finishing our wood as well.
    I wanted to let you know that I do freeze my crisps in those foil trays there great. I do a lot in cake foil pans as well. They pop right into the oven this way if I need to warm anything up.


  3. The fall pictures are pretty, thanks for sharing. I don’t know very much at all about the show you referred to, but you two look happy as a clam in warm mud. smile Have a great weekend! Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  4. Wonderful pictures. I do like the picture of you and George. We do watch Duck Dynasty on DVD as we don’t have cable. In fact, we are listening to their “Duck the Hall” Christmas CD right now.

    It is a nice feeling to have the wood and food up for the winter. We still need to stack some wood. Have a wonderful day with your family.



  5. Great picture of you and George! And, yes I can see a little of Phil and Miss Kay 🙂
    I love all of your pictures and your blog. Makes me feel like we are a little closer than 500 miles 🙂


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