Update on Biopsy

I wanted to give you all the update on what the biopsy revealed.  It is colon cancer and it has spread to his liver.  We go tomorrow to see the surgeon and he will start chemo next week.  I DO NOT look forward to this journey the Lord has us on but I know He will continue to reveal Himself to us  as we go.  We would appreciate it if you all would continue to pray for us and I will keep you all posted as to how it is going, now that Dave has my blog back up and running.

On a different note, I would like to share with you all the experience we had a church yesterday.  Sunday School had just started.  Hubby was teaching when one of our deacons just kinda rolled his head back and seemed to be gone.  Two members jumped up and started talking to him.  He seemed to revive then the same thing happened again.  He was extremely pale and sweating.  We all thought sure the Lord was calling him home.  He is a very healthy, active man so this was a surprise for all of us.  Anyway, the rescue squad came and took him to the hospital.  Today he is still with us and SO much better.  The doctors said it was his blood pressure medicine.  His heart rate was down to 44 when the rescue squad came.  We know it was TOTALLY answered prayer.  God wanted to remind us HE is still in control.  I know it was a hard day on our deacon but I feel like it was a powerful day for our church.  Amazing, that is what our God is!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless.


7 thoughts on “Update on Biopsy

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  1. In 15 years from now when Dad IS in good health and there is NO cancer you guys will be able to look back on this time together and know without a doubt The Lord carried you and gave you no more than you could bear. I love you both .


  2. So glad the doctors are working so quickly. Can’t wait until the cancer is long gone. That was a pretty amazing day at church! See you all soon.


  3. Hello Donna… I visited here when you first posted but did not take the time to comment.. I think of you often and pray for your husband each time.. Our church is also holding him up in prayer.. Just know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.. xo


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