I’m Back

IMG_1087Hello everyone!  Well, I think I am back to blogging.  I am going to try really hard to make time for this as I so much enjoy doing it.  So much has went on here since my last post that I could not ever tell it all in one setting.  I will try to bring you all up to date as I make posts.  Hubby is still doing chemo.  He is tentatively scheduled for a scan on the 20th of Jan.  Dave, Jess and kids are settled in a house in Floyd for now.  Jess is expecting baby #4 in April.  A boy-John Luke.  She said as active as he has been so far they thought he would need two bible names.

I took this picture this morning.  God has really been giving us beautiful sunrises.  One thing this walk has taught me is to try to the best of my ability NOT to take for granted the many blessings God gives.  Each and every gift is special.

Well, that’s it for now.  I have been working for two days getting all my pictures back on my blog.  I now fully understand why I do not do computer work for a living. (lol)  I hope you all have a great evening and God bless.


6 thoughts on “I’m Back

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  1. Hello dear girl.. So so glad to hear from you.. Think and pray for you and your family so often.. It is nice to see you are keeping strong and trusting in our God.. Looking forward to seeing you here again and catching up with all that has been going on.. Congrats on another new grandson on his way.. God is good.. Blessings.. xo


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