Wendy’s Frosty


Hello everyone!  I just finished making this ice cream which I must say is very good.  I am not a big chocolate person.  I know, go figure, right.  But this ice cream tastes just like Wendy’s frostys which I do like because they do not taste super chocolately.

I got the recipe from here-http://www.popsugar.com/food/Wendy-Chocolate-Frosty-Recipe-35304956  I think one of the reason I like it is that it is simple.  Only three ingredients.  I really like that.

Tomorrow we will be making sushi at Jessica’s.  Very exciting.  I will try to get pictures to show you all.  This will be our first attempt at making sushi at home.  Hopefully all will go good.  We’ll see.  We are always up for trying new things.

Time for me to start supper.  We are having chicken stir fry and of course Wendys frostys for dessert.  I hope you all have a great weekend and God bless.

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