Dandelion Jelly

IMG_1512Yesterday the girls spent the afternoon picking dandelions. We are making dandelion jelly. We tried to make it several years ago but it never set up to jelly stage so we had dandelion syrup. It was very good just not what we were trying to make. So this year we are trying again. We followed the recipe found herehttp://www.simplycanning.com/dandelion-jelly.html

IMG_1513They picked about a gal. of dandelion flowers however this was too many. Next time we will not pick as much.

IMG_1514The most time consuming part is getting off all the green stuff.

IMG_1515They are such a pretty yellow color.

IMG_1516I have excellent helpers though so no matter what we are doing it goes fast and is lots of fun. These girls are awesome!

IMG_1503After finishing the dandelions, we enjoyed chicken on our new grill(my birthday gift from my other awesome daughter and son-in-law)

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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