IMG_1590Can anyone guess what we are having for supper?  That’s right, you guessed it, peas!!  This is very exciting for us as we have not raised peas in several years because they just didn’t seem to do well here.  Well, this variety is doing excellent.  I don’t know, maybe we got them planted at just the right time but whatever the reason they are loaded with beautiful peas.  This variety of pea is called snowbird and we ordered them from Burpee.  My mother used to plant these when we lived in Grundy and they always did well.  I was thinking about them this spring and wishing I knew the name of them.  It occurred to me to check in the freezer as I still had some seeds saved from my mom in there.  Guess what, an empty package was in there with the name and the product number on it of these peas.  If you look in Burpee’s catalog this pea is not shown.  However if you type in the product number it still comes up on their page.  I was so happy.  Also with these peas we will be having swiss chard out of the garden.  This is a new thing for us.  I don’t remember ever raising chard before so we will see if we like it or not.  For dessert I fixed an applesauce pie.  Can you tell Hubby is home and doing amazingly well for all he has been through.  He went outside in the yard today for a while and sit in the green swing.  We are both so thankful for everyone’s prayers and ask you still continue to pray.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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