Veggies and Stuff

IMG_1715Hello everyone!  Lots of things have been going on here in Floyd.  For one, the garden is producing very well.  I am trying something different for us this year in the garden.  We have tried planting all our crops in 2-3 week intervals.  My thinking is to have fresh produce all summer long.  Example, we just finished one section of green beans and corn and another section is ready to start picking.  No huge amounts at one time-just enough to can and eat.  It is keeping us busy but not overwhelming.  I like that.  With all we have going on right now it is working really well for us.

Hubby is scheduled to begin a new round of chemo next week.  This is a different type of chemo than what he has taken before with different side effects.  We are praying it will not be too hard on him.

IMG_1714Grace on her way to camp for the first time.  Both Julie and Grace have volunteered at this camp for a couple of years now but this time Grace will be a camper.  She was SO excited!

11390016_935083396543911_7320861737145804896_nJulie has a part time job at The Bread Basket here in Floyd.  She loves it.  My girls are growing up!

Enjoy your day and God bless.


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  1. Your baskets of veggies look great! Praying that Grace has a wonderful week at camp and that George’s chemo will take it easy on him. Love the picture of Julie at work. Seems like our little ones should still be little ones!


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