Baby Chicks

A picture of our baby chicks.  They are no longer babies however I think they will be very pretty hens.  We got them at Rural King.  It is new to this area.  We really like going there.  We got these for .99 cents each because they were already a week old.  They needed to move these out to make room for a new delivery. And yes that is my shadow!

The girls and I made this coop.  We are pretty satisfied with how it turned out.    It solved two issues.  The baby chicks needed a place to be and the camper top is getting used. 

Then one of Grace’s ducks hatched off baby ducks.  We were all so happy.  We built another coop along the same design as the other one.  We made one big mistake though.  We used chicken wire.  I had no idea an animal could chew through chicken wire but something did.  It got her baby ducks.  So sad.  I am pretty positive it was a weasel.  

I will leave you all with this pretty cloud picture I took the other evening.  God is so good!

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